Wee Forest Folk Mice


MICE, MICE, MICE!            Now sold at Linda Michaels, Wee Forest Folk.

Wee Forest Folk is a small family business which has created a line of fanciful miniatures – most of which are mice. Each miniature work of art is a casting of an original piece sculpted in clay by either Annette, Willy, or Donna Petersen.

With a fine brush, carefully chosen artists bring the tiny sculpture to life by painting each detail by hand. Each finished mouse captures a wee fanciful moment that tells a story of charm and whimsy.

Wee Forest Folk is created, produced, and copyrighted by the Petersen family. Wee Forest Folk has proudly handcrafted these figurines since 1972 and are made in the USA.

Linda Michaels is currently showing this one item, but has a large inventory of Wee Forest Folk. Call Linda Michaels at 231-347-0261, 10 am to 5 pm EST or e-mail [email protected] TO VIEW COMPLETE WEE FOREST FOLK LINE VISIT: www.weeforestfolk.com

M-283           $ 96.00

M-283 $ 96.00