Sterling Silver sailboat with Petoskey Stone sail pendant

Hand crafted sterling silver jewelry with Michigan stones – Petoskey stone sail


Hand Crafted Sterling Silver with Michigan Stones

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LINDA MICHAELS evolved from Little Traverse Jewelers, which was founded in 1979. Linda and Mike are the founders and Michael joined the business in 1991.

Linda, Mike, and Michael do the design work. Michael and Mike are silver and gold smiths. Each piece is handcrafted sterling silver jewelry with Michigan Stones.  Linda Michaels uses stones, such as, Kona Dolomite, Puddingstone, Favosite [ Charlevoix Stone ], Petoskey Stone, our state stone, and Chlorastrolite or Green Stone, [our state gem], Fordite, from Detroit, and Leland Blue from Leland, Michigan.  If a stone comes from Michigan Linda Michaels will use it.  Less commonly Linda Michaels will use Verde Marble, Mohawkite, Jaspolite, or Copper Shale, all from Michigan’s Upper Penninsula. Linda Michaels also uses Septarian, from the South Haven, Michigan area.  Stones from the Michigan’s lower Penninsula that Linda Michaels also uses are Horn Coral, Pipe Organ Coral, and Chain Coral.  Mixed metals and 14 kt. gold are also used.  Additionally, Linda designs photo frames and bead work jewelry using Lake Superior Agates, beach stones, Pudding Stone, Favosite and Petoskey stone. Petoskey stone jewelry is our specialty.

In many cases, the eclectic designs Linda Michaels carries are exclusive to Linda Michaels of Petoskey. Based on customer requests our Petoskey stone designs are made in fine metals, such as sterling silver, fine silver, 14kt, and copper. Recently Linda Michaels added white, chocolate and black diamonds as accent stones to our Petoskey stone creations. Linda Michaels also uses the 12 birthstones as accent stones in our Petoskey stone jewelry. Now our Petoskey stone jewelry is also a birthstone piece of jewelry. Turquoise looks great with Petoskey stone, as well as Black Onyx, Lapis, Coral or Tiger Eye. At times we combine the Petoskey stone with other Michigan stones, such as: our state gem, Green stone, Kona-Dolamite, Lake Superior Agate and Favosite [Charlevoix stone].

We emphasize quality through hand crafting each piece and this sets us apart from others in Petoskey. Linda Michaels has gallery quality, unique, one of a kind designs. Linda Michaels store and sells designs and quality your friends will not have.

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Linda Michaels also does exceptional, affordable repair work.

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Linda, Mike and Michael